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Dr. John Ashton Vellequette, D.D.S.

For generations from Mona Lisa to the “cover girl” the absence or presence of a smile has carried great significance. Through history, the quality of a smile has been an indication of an individual’s sense of well-being. Today, a healthy, attractive smile continues to be an important facet of life. Your smile makes an impact on your health, self-esteem, and relationships---both personal and professional.

  • Do you feel awkward or self-conscious about your smile?
  • When the camera shutter opens, do your lips close? Do you hate close- up shots?
  • Women, do you avoid wearing certain lipstick shades because it highlights your discolored teeth?
  • Men, have you ever grown a mustache or beard to help hide your smile?

Although a vast number of Americans understand the importance of a good smile, only half think that their smile makes the grade.

Dr. John A. Vellequette is a experienced cosmetic dentist in Silicon Valley that offers comprehensive dental care with an emphasis in cosmetic dentistry.